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Audiot Compilation 2015-03

Топ за март 2015 — Top of marсh 2015



Agent Side Grinder — New Dance 

Anne McCue — Little White Cat 

AWOLNATION — Jailbreak 

Balthazar — I Looked For You 

Beth Moore — Hard Days 

Boy Harsher — Pain 

Camper Van Beethoven — Might Makes Right 

Darkness Falls — Liar's Kiss 

Dear Rouge — I Heard I Had 

Gateway Drugs — Head 

Grande Roses — Built on Schemes 

Hail The Ghost — Colony of Ants 

Holy Monitor — The Way Out 

James Atkin — My People 

LoneLady — Bunkerpop 

Lucette — Bobby Reid 

Modest Mouse — Lampshades On Fire 

Moses Luster And The Hollywood Lights — Come Along With Us 

Muse — Psycho 

Nantes — 7 

Northern Lite — Feels so Good 

Seasick Steve — Summertime Boy 

Sioen — I Always Knew 

Spray Paint — Rest Versus Rust 

The Juke Joint Pimps — Let’s Do the Hippie Dance 

The Lemming Ways — Fooled 

The Rodeo — Amulet 

Zebra Tracks — Cinnamon Heart 

Zzz — When I Come Home 


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